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Appu Ghar
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Suresh Chawla SURESH  CHAWLA

Born of a disciplined father serving Military Engineering Service, Suresh Chawla was always a responsible child. Perhaps due to his genes, even in his early years, his interests included science related   items and would break open an  entire gadget to understand its mechanism.
His persistent perseverance in the field forced him to study  engineering.
But like they say innovators are not made they are born. Perhaps he was also the chosen one by HIM.  Even in his childhood, he would look for ways to do things differently.


As  a person Being a true Gemini, he could handle various fields at one time, which holds true even today. His supreme energy levels kept him in shape.
His honest approach towards people and  work ethics have always earned him reputation of a good man.
An extremely religious man, he has complete faith in Almighty.
His interests in life include all field of life be it music as a music composer, or astronomy as astrologer and that too a good one at that.

An alumni from top institution at Delhi  for his MBA, before he founded  APPU GHAR,  he initiated export business in furnishings and furniture for the family which is still successful in this competitive market. At one time IKEA were our biggest buyers. Even today many internationally reputed buyers are dealing with us.
He has vast experience in constructions and his exposure to technology and knowledge is international.
It was his works at Pragati Maidan which finally brought him recognition as an entrepreneur.
Toady he has almost 4 decades  of experience in strategy, management, operations and  finance.


At a very young age, he could identity that innovative technology is the key to success. Not being content as a face of crowd, he wanted to stand out and do something new.
His attention in  observing  the different and new ways of technology made him study different technique of constructions undertaken in steel abroad. He was perhaps the first few to use this technology in India at that time.
His sheer gut feeling, daring and confidence made him valuable to many projects in construction.
Later he also entered the field of interiors.
He had undertaken projects for reputed organizations in India such as National Museum, Hotel  Vasant Continental, Hotel Maurya, High court Delhi, Gangotri  Emporiums for all India, Vigyan  Bhawan and many others.
Some of the projects in constructions requiring special mention which were completed in shortest possible  time are:

Civil and  interiors
Of High Court of   Delhi 
Bihar Pavilion  3 storied building
Of  approx 12,000 sq ft area

From Foundation, exteriors,
 Interiors etc  Complete At Pragati Maidan-Delhi
40 days
UP Pavilion  5 storied building
Of approx 20,000 sq ft area
Right from Foundation to exteriors
To Interiors etc Complete

At Pragati Maidan-Delhi                                      90 days
Dome type Cinema theatre
50 ft high,70ft Dia including interiors
To exteriors at APPU GHAR Delhi                                  6 Day


First Amusement Park of India
In Delhi (APPU GHAR)                                                  46 Days
Setting up of 11 amusement parks
In various cities of India in 18 months

Or on an average for each park
45 days  for each

A  factory in Hume Pipes was also floated  which produced largest hume pipes, the factory had to be closed  once the land was taken over by Airport Authority of India.
Construction being his passion he is still undertaking construction projects and presently constructing a college for  Engineering near Tirupati etc.

Pragati  Maidan in New Delhi, India,is very close to his heart because that was the place where his full potential was recognized by Shri  Mohammad Yunis, the then Chairman of Trade Fair Authority of India now known as India Trade Promotion Organization. Pragati  Madian is  the biggest area available to for holding domestic  and international trade  fairs.
A full 22 acre land was allotted to Mr Chawla  for India’s First amusement park APPU GHAR.


Appu Ghar  was pioneered by suresh chawla in year 1984. That too with absolutely  no prior experience . Need less to say it was his baby, which he nurtured by loads of devotion and care. Not a single accident was reported during his tenure.
APPU GHAR which had a independent and successful run for almost 3 decades without a single accident on record since 1984 even on amusement rides manufactured by him is a perfect showcase of his expertise. 
 APPU GHAR  was a home given to mascot of Common wealth games by Late Smt. Indira Gandhi. It was inaugurated by Shri Rajiv Gandhi after her assassination. But her dream to give children of India a place where they could entertain themselves was realized by Suresh Chawla, the promoter of the company International Amusement Parks Ltd, which was incorporated for operations of APPU GHAR. The Park was opened in record time of  1 ½  month from the start of work.
Such a huge success was APPU GHAR since its inception that it faced gate crashing on day one and since then it had been able to draw millions of visitors for  fun and games before it was closed down at the behest of Supreme Court of India. It was the BLACK Day in the history of Entertainment Industry in India.
As part of the diversification strategy, for the first time manufacturing of amusement park rides were undertaken in India. A new Company Indo Italian amusement park Ltd was floated to accomplish the task.
Having pioneered Amusement park industry in India, his  expertise and experience were called upon and various parks were developed in many cities of India on turnkey basis which included selection of proper location, financing and loans, personnel selection, equipment selection, marketing, ticketing, training.  Apart from this equipment supplies were also undertaken.   
 APPU GHAR, the First amusement park of the country, had a team of  almost 1000 personnel directly under command of Suresh  Chawla
It has provided valuable experience in human relations to  him while dealing with personnel on one to one basis.
Besides floating  M/s International Amusement Ltd, various other firms were also formed from time to time in which command positions were always held by him.
Last but not the least, it is the support of  his brothers as a family who have been with him as his pillars of strength through thick and thin  that has enabled him to undertake all that he has been able to do in his lifetime. His passion and vision has been kept in form due to their efficient management.

Suresh Chawla  floated many companies for different fields that involves him

A Public Limited Company, which was incorporated and registered in 1997 for specialty projects and innovation researches.
This company undertakes projects for design, engineering, architectural planning, interior designing,  construction, procurement, manufacture, consultancy, research, analysis, import, export, trading, distribution, supply, recreation, entertainment, transportation, farming and similar other projects. 
 Apart from specialty  projects which have been awarded in the name of this company such  as Elevated Roller Coaster System in Pune, Underwater World at Hyderabad,  Hali Park at Panipat , Medical College at Haldia, Eco Theme Park at Tirupati, this company has  had the honor of  investment  infusion for many prototypes and research.

Suresh Chawla , who was the original promoter of APPU GHAR  of the Gate No 4 at  Pragati Maidan New Delhi, floated M/s International Amusement Ltd in 1984.
On his behest, other partners joined in.
Thus the concept of amusement park in India found a place due to efforts of Suresh Chawla which was the dream of  Mrs Indira Gandhi, the then prime Minister of  the country.
A dynamic young entrepreneur who envisages the growth of this new venture in its early stage though this field is struggling today for the lack of  innovation.

Appu Ghar had attracted approximately 60 million visitors during last 23 years since its inception.
Presently International Amusements Ltd in collaboration with Unitech, a leading construction company of India has  set up the largest Amusement Park  in India in 100 acres of land in  Sector18  at Noida which is satellite city of Delhi. The park includes a very big Shopping Mall, Hotels, amusement park equipment and other attractions.
The seeds sown by Suresh  Chawla are reaping fruits.

This company was floated   to  manufacture  state of art amusement park equipments, which was  monopoly of Italy & Germany before.
Since APPU GHAR had become a household name, many entrepreneurs and government agencies approached the company to utilize their expertise in setting up parks in their cities so that children  from all over India could enjoy the thrill and joy close to their home. The company manufactured rides and equipments for almost 11 amusement parks in the country before closing down its doors owing to reduction of  status of amusement parks to level of fairs.
 The manufacture of Amusement Park equipments require highest skills of technologies similar to Air crafts as the equipment has in its lap  human lives in regular mobile conditions and works in long run. The equipment required most skills of technologies such as mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics etc.
The exposure of  highest grades of mobile technologies to the promoter requiring self - indulgence in maintenance and manufacturing of equipment and the responsible positions that he held, inspired the promoter to diversify into innovative technologies.
Floated a new company to manufacture Hume Pipes of all diameter  including biggest sizes up to 2 m in a factory in Mahipalpur near Delhi Airport and production of pipes continued for many years before Airport Authority of India acquired the land.
 A company floated to manufacture and export bed linen , carpets, handicrafts and other articles has been in operation since 1992.
During early years of operations, IKEA was the biggest buyer. Even today many internationally reputed buyers are dealing with us.
While running operations from Janak Puri District Center, New Delhi,  dedicated team is at work fulfilling the needs of our international customers  from the many factories across country.
Suresh Chawla’s   philosophy of inventions is based on understanding of  the   problems being faced by today’s  world  which is the direct result of mind less development   perused by a few without  caring  for the ill effects on environment and stake  of majority in the same space of this  planet.
Suresh chawla has dedicated his life to invent new technologies, techniques and processes, which shall improve the way we live. It is his contribution to the make Planet Earth green and prosperous.
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