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Traveling Roads/Elevated Transits System Super Fast Construction Technology/ New Malls New Wind Mills/Sea Generators New Amusement Parks & Entertainment Concepts Floating Bridges/Ports/Cities Sunlight in The Night/space Elevator Breaking of Input Out Theory
Traveling roads/Elevated Transits System
Super fast construction Technology/ New Malls
New wind mills/Sea Generators
New Amusement Parks & Entertainment concepts
Floating Bridges/ports/cities
Sunlight in the night/space elevator
Breaking of input out theory
Suresh Chawla Suresh Chawla
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Business Portfolio
Business success can be found in any  balanced business system which includes …Profitability, satisfied stakeholders,/employees/ customers/visitors/ partners etc., revenue and profit growth, growth in market share and growth in market value.
The Phenomenal success of APPU GHAR over the years have proved the sharp sense of business acumen of Suresh Chawla.
Involvements by Suresh Chawla at present times include consultancy for
(box for each of work refer kenna metal)

1. Hali Park Panipat

Panipat Municipal Council has appointed as consultant to design, select and supervise the development of Hali Park, a central location of 24 acres in Panipat, an upcoming town in Haryana. The project is for INR 1000 cr (US $200 million) and shall include exclusively designed Eco-theme based amusement park, Mall, Banquet, Five Star Hotel, Convention Center among other facilities.

2. Theme Park Tirupati

A Hyderabad based entrepreneur has formed consortium with us for the development of 75 acre land of which two acre land shall be exclusively devoted to entertainment activities include Eco Park. The land which is on lease from Government agency of Tirupati, was acquired on the basis of fresh ideas provided by Suresh Chawla and on strength of his expertise in APPU GHAR.

3. Engineering College Rayachoti Tirupati

This already existing college required new floors for main building, library, girls and boys hostel. The execution of project for about 100000 sq ft undertaken on turnkey basis including designing, architecture, structure design and execution with his already existing fast technology for structures in steel has enabled them to utilize facilities in a much shorter time than what the conventional methods would have taken otherwise.

4. Medical College Haldia West Bengal

A Medical college at Haldia near Kolkata has to be constructed on turnkey basis which shall include designing, architecture, structure design and execution with his already existing fast technology for structures in steel for 130000 sq ft. For this structure design has already been submitted.

5. Design & execution of 4 star Hotel Jaipur
Turn key execution of a 4 star hotel at Jaipur is in pipe line. The hotel has already tied up with an International chain. The designs are in progress.

6. Delhi Pavilion New Delhi
Designing of Delhi pavilion at Pragati Maidan in Delhi. Presentation has been prepared for DSCIDC to design Delhi Pavilion for upcoming International trade fair.

7. Under Water World (First in India)
Setting up of First underwater world in India. The project t is under consideration in Consortium with Delta Square owners at Gurgaon .

8. Poorvi Sanskritic Kendra (PSK) Laxmi Nagar Delhi
To design and develop new concept for PSK (Poorvi Sanskritic Kendra) in LaxmiNaghar . Delhi. The designs are under way.


Suresh Chawla’s   philosophy of inventions is based on understanding of  the   problems being faced by today’s  world  which is the direct result of mind less development   perused by a few without  caring  for the ill effects on environment and stake  of majority in the same space of this  planet.
Suresh chawla has dedicated his life to invent new technologies, techniques and processes, which shall improve the way we live. It is his contribution to the make Planet Earth green and prosperous.
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