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Traveling roads/Elevated Transits System
Super fast construction Technology/ New Malls
New wind mills/Sea Generators
New Amusement Parks & Entertainment concepts
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Appu Ghar
Present Involvement In Lighter View




Architecture, Structural Designing,
Civil Execution, Interiors Consultancy, Trading, Exports, Inventions

Consultant, Designer, Inventor
As Individual

  • A person with vision, clarity and creativity
  • Honest and ethical
  • Engineer, Industrial Management,& MBA by education
  • His passion - Innovation His Forte - Fast Work
  • Advocate of Futuristic Science

As Businessman
He is involved in various fields of business such as Consultancy, Design, Engineering, Constructions, Civil works, Interiors & Trading. He had also been involved in exports of various items, a field which has become a family business today. Apart from constructions in Steel, projects in RCC are also undertaken. Have in place structural consultants, architect, interior designers, air conditioning consultants in our consortium

As Inventor
Innovation is his biggest asset and his greater part of time is invested in his inventions and innovations. Various successful prototype have been made using his own investments.
His mind can also be called as Idea Factory which produce innumerable ideas that are practical and hold great future for the humanity and planet at large.
For Details of his business portfolio or inventions, please visit his website at

India's First Amusement Park was founded by him as Owner, Promoter & Director.
He can also be considered as Father of Amusement Park industry, an unknown concept then.
Appu Ghar was named after its mascot, an elephant of the 1982 Asian Games held in New Delhi.
Time of completion was Historical time frame 46 days

Installation included construction, road, drainage, fence, licenses, permissions, import of entire equipment, clearances, erection, employment of workforce, training,, grand opening Appu Ghar, under International Amusement Ltd was set up at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on a land provided on license by ITPO (India Trade Promotion Organisation), on an area of approx 20 acres.
During the operation of 24 years, APPU GHAR has attracted 960 million visitors

Two factories for amusement park rides were set up under Indo Italian Amusement Parks
11 parks were set up on turn key basis in a year and a half ie. Approx 45 days for each park
Pimri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, near Pune, was the only park where management and operations were successfully undertaken for some years before returning it to them.

Included selection of location for each city, Loan application and approvals
Project management included architectural and structural designing, constructions, landscaping, manufacturing and erection of amusement park equipment, training of personnel, operation, maintenance and handing over of amusement parks.

Rides and play stations for schools and playgrounds are available

Established in 1994, G. C. International has been famous for its international quality. Eight years later, G. C. International is recognized for its world class products.

G. C. International has preserved traditions of the handloom industry while adapting to technological advancements in both textile engineering and global marketing. G. C. International prides itself on a threefold principle of equality in quality, design and price.

Presently involved in the fields of :

  • Projects
  • Theme Park Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Design Consultant
  • Ride Manufacturer
  • Designer
  • Interior
  • Structure Engineering
  • Supplies

Inventions in the field of

  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Space
  • Construction
  • Hydraulics
  • Water solutions
  • Physics Theory

Please visit for further information

Involvements by Suresh Chawla which include consultancy and his other abilities are.

Hali Park Panipat
Panipat Municipal Council has appointed as consultant to design, select and supervise the development of Hali Park, a central location of 24 acres in Panipat, an upcoming town in Haryana.

The project is for INR 1000 cr (US $200 million) and shall include exclusively designed Eco theme based amusement park, Mall, Banquet, Five Star Hotel, Convention Center among other facilities.

Theme Park Tirupati
A Hyderabad based entrepreneur has formed consortium with us for the development of 75 acre land of which two acre land shall be exclusively devoted to entertainment activities including Eco Park. The land, which is on lease from Government agency of Tirupati, was acquired on the basis of fresh ideas provided by Suresh Chawla and on strength of his expertise in APPU GHAR.

Engineering College Rayachoti Tirupati
This already existing college required new floors for main building, library, girls and boys hostel. The execution of project for about 100000 sq ft undertaken on turnkey basis included designing, architecture, structure design and execution with his already existing fast technology for structures in steel that has enabled them to utilize facilities in a much shorter time than what the conventional methods would have taken otherwise.

Medical College Haldia West Bengal
A Medical college at Haldia near Kolkata has to be constructed on turnkey basis which shall include designing, architecture, structure design and execution with his already existing fast technology for structures in steel for 1,30,000 sq ft. For this structure design has already been submitted.

D.A.V College for Girls, Yamuna Nagar
Construction in full swing for additional block on college premises for a 5 storey structure being done in steel.

Poorvi Sanskritic Kendra (PSK) Laxmi Nagar Delhi
To design and develop new concept for PSK (Poorvi Sanskritic Kendra) at Laxmi Nagar Delhi. The discussions are under way.

Still a consultant for projects in the field of designing, architectural layouts, structure designing and execution of projects for Government and private agencies.

In depth study undertaken for some challenging projects for India such as UNDER WATER WORLD on the lines of Singapore and are being perused with various perspective clients.

Sri Sai Institute of Technology (SSIT) Rayachoti, Andhra Pradesh
Addition to floors have been provided in steel to already existing college which is done in RCC

Some Structures have been made in steel from foundation itself

Sri Sai Institute of Technology (SSIT) Rayachoti, Andhra Pradesh (Girls Hostel )
Addition to a floor of 10000 sqft was provided in historical time of 15 days over existing RCC structure

Construction of 5 Floor additional block in steel structure

Bihar Pavilion Pragati Maidan, Delhi
Done in steel, 3 storied building of approx 12,000 sq ft area from foundation, exteriors, interiors etc
Time of completion 40 days (one month 10 days)
Since 1983,structure has been able to withstand footfall of millions of visitors during exhibitions.

UP Pavilion Pragati Maidan, Delhi
Done in steel, 5 storied building of approx 20,000 sq ft area right from foundation to exteriors to interiors etc
Time of completion 90 days (Three months)
Since 1985,structure has been able to withstand footfall of millions of visitors during exhibitions.

Dome type Cinema Theatre at Appu Ghar Delhi
50 ft high,70ft Dia including interiors and exteriors
Time of completion : 6 days (Fastest building ever made any where in the world)

Dome type Cinema Theatre , Sahara City near Mumbai
At the time of launch of Sahara India could not think of any other structure except our dome in copper. This was provided as launching pad.
Time of completion 10 days
Another such building is standing tall in Nigdi near Pune since 1992

State Pavilions
Entire buildings in steel structures were made in double stories for various state Pavilions for Trade Fairs which were provided on rent and dismantled later on completion of exhibition.

D.A.V College for Girls,Yamuna Nagar
Construction of 5 Floor additional block in steel structure

Steel villages being promoted by SAIL AND JINDAL
The advantages of such steel construction are many -
easy maintenance, protection from natural calamities and better aesthetics, to name just a few.

All though we have no special love for steel structures but it can save time and money for projects .It saves on the interest components initially and early start brings income fast.

India's first village made entirely of steel is slated to come up at Maddivanipalem in vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Built by Vizag-based Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL), the village will include 10-20 single-storey houses, a school, health centres, bus shelters, toilets, water tanks, meeting halls for local bodies and bullock carts -all made out of steel.

While the foundation will be in concrete and walls have 12 mm of cement plaster, the framework of all structures will be made of steel. Says RKP Singh, director general, Institute for Steel Development and Growth, "There are some houses and clubs made of steel in Jamshedpur and Pune, but the concept is still not being widely used in the country. In order to make people understand as well as popularise the product as a construction material, the model village is being set up as a corporate social responsibility initiative of RINL.

As far as the costing is concerned, a single-storey house of 200 sq ft with a bedroom, kitchen, a bathroom and a verandah will cost between Rs 75,000 and Rs 85,000. This is al least Rs 15,000 lesser than the amount one needs to shell out to build a concrete structure with similar specifications.

"There is a misconception that steel is costly and is not a good conductor of heat. As it is, in India, we do not make structures made entirely of steel. They are made of a composite mixture of steel and concrete, comprising 80% steel and the remaining percentage being a mix of concrete and cement," says Singh.

Steel Structures in India in our knowledge
All over world, including UAE countries, where very hot climatic conditions prevail, hotels and buildings are made in steel structures. Few buildings in India that are in our knowledge are as under which have been made in steel and are standing tall
A five star hotel coming up in Hyderabad on way to Jubliee Hills.
Many buildings in Gurgaon have come up in steel structures.


  • Housing for Electricity Board Sahibabad, Ghaziabad
  • Hostel building at Okhla
  • Premier Cables Building, Faridabad
  • Premier Forging Building Bhopal
  • Everest Tools, Building Sonepat
  • Foundation for 500 ft chimney for Thermal Power Station at Badarpur
  • Delhi Gymkhana Club- Inside road, Civil works, Interior & Wood/steel work
  • Sinking of Tube Well, Water Supply
  • Asoka Hotel Bhubaneswar - Civil works
  • Delhi Cantonment- Laying of 29 km of main sewer line
  • Vigyan Bhawan : India 's premiere Conference Centre,located at the Maulana Azad Road, has been the venue for many historically noteworthy conferences and summits attended by distinguished world leaders and dignitaries.It has a splendid ambience and an astounding art. Earlier interiors for conference rooms, it has been renovated since then.
  • DDA Tower at Asiad Village : A fluted red sandstone tower which tapers upto a height of 72.5 Mts. Interiors for the Restaurant on top
  • High Court building at Delhi : Complete interiors was completed in only 90 days
  • New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) : Interiors : Copper cladding in the lobby
  • Hotel Jaypee Vasant Continental, New Delhi : It is located in the up market Vasant Vihar area, strategically close to the New Delhi Airports. Its one of the finest of boutique hotels in New Delhi India. Interior for all suites and 50 rooms
  • Hotel Crowne Plaza Surya, New Delhi : Earlier known as Surya Sofitel. Interiors for selected suites
  • National Museum, New Delhi : It is the biggest Museum of India which holds variety of articles ranging from pre-historic era to the modern work of art. Interiors of Annexe
  • Gangotri Showrooms : India All over India Gangotri showrooms for Uttar Pradesh Handlooms

Items from various sectors, various kinds, various fields have been supplied in bulk & in batches & small quantities, including transportation of cement, steel and other vital items from time to time to various government departments like CPWD, MCD, NDMC, MES, State Govts & State Departments etc.

A Factory to produce Hume pipes of all sizes and up to maximum of 2 m dia was set up in Mahipalpur Delhi, which produced large quantities of pipes till the factory land was acquired by Airport Authority

Mr Suresh Chawla is Delhi based and can be contacted at 9350248154, 9810868151.
For any queries, please email at
Visit his site for further details at

Suresh Chawla’s   philosophy of inventions is based on understanding of  the   problems being faced by today’s  world  which is the direct result of mind less development   perused by a few without  caring  for the ill effects on environment and stake  of majority in the same space of this  planet.
Suresh chawla has dedicated his life to invent new technologies, techniques and processes, which shall improve the way we live. It is his contribution to the make Planet Earth green and prosperous.
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