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Appu Ghar
Present Involvement In Lighter View




Being at the helm of India’s finest and most successful amusement park APPU GHAR, the experience in amusement park and entertainment industry is unmatched. Club to that creative bent of mind and voila… you have many new theme parks on your way.

  1. Under Water World
  2. Innovative Amusement Parks equipement 
  3. Eccopark/hotel   
  4. Mythological Park   
  5. Dream Cinema


Providing Underwater World to children of India is his dream project since it not only has the potential to be a robust business, it is what has the potential to fill the vacuum in entertainment sector in India.
Though not yet in India, this project can be what APPU GHAR was to India.

Sea world is the most fascinating world existing on the same planet as that of ours with beautiful creatures deep down in levels of water, lost in its own world, away from technology and its repercussions. The silent movements and playful nature creates waves in minds of each and every one person is it adult, young, young at heart or a child. Their living habits and reproduction make an interesting study.
The very strange looking creatures of Sea are adorable, beautiful, smart and ever vibrant.

A Sea World usually consists of   spectacular display of fish variety such as sharks, stingray, stone fish, eel, cattle fish, etc. in circular and rectangular acrylic tanks, Touch pool, Turtle pool, long acrylic Tunnel with walkway to take you through tunnel where giant fish may swim over your head inspiring an awe feeling in you.

The installation of an Aquarium includes lay out design, design of acrylic tunnel according to availability of size, large acrylic windows, walkway, aquarium life support system including filtration, ozone systems etc., salt water making facilities and rockwork theme designing.

Generally an area of about half acre is sufficient for a facility like this which does not include the parking and landscape.

In India, this project can be worked out on the lines of  Underwater World at Sentosa Island Singapore and Bangkok Underwater World at Siam in Thailand. Both these places are No 1 tourist attractions which showcase the  inspiring beauty of whole world beneath sea. The Sentosa  Sea World  has been visited by about more than 18 million visitors since its inception in 1991.

In depth study has been undertaken for  Underwater Worlds across eastern continent. The  efforts were appreciated by Hyderabad Tourism Development Authority who  awarded the letter of Intent for the same. The project became so hot that the locals who had political clout , snatched the project from us but could not set up even after acquiring land initially allotted to us.
Any city with impressive population can choose this unique project to provide education and entertainment to its city dwellers.   TOP


Having vast experience in Amusement parks, new kinds of  Theme Parks are available for consultancy, turnkey operations and execution of projects in shortest possible time with totally new concepts, not existing any where in the world as on date.

Not only the structure can be used as ride but can be used as totally new kind of Casino not existing any where.

This new and very innovative  traveling Casino/Hotel has been designed  which will be first of its kind in the world and will be so massive that about 20000-30000 visitors will be able to utilize the structure which will carry Amusement Park, Water Park , Theatres, Cinema halls and all facilities which normally exist on ground.

An Audio- Video 3D animated presentation of the concept has been made to show to interested customers having willingness  to manufacture such  innovative equipment and a Giant Ride which will be first of its kind. (Patent under process)


Having innovative  bent of mind, he has developed lot of new kinds of equipment which are not existing any where in the world as on date. Some of the equipment has orientation from old mythologies from India. They are a combination of  old , present and future of universe.

Having been exposed to Amusement Park equipments around the world, a new and very innovative equipment has been designed  which will be first of its kind in the world and will be so massive that from 5000-10000 visitors will be able to utilize the ride.


Meditation in HaridwarYoga in Rishikesh


Eco Park  is a conscientious  form of tourism and tourism development, which encourages going back to natural products in every aspect of life and help preserve nature. It is also the key to sustainable ecological development

An  Eco park is proposed to be  a recreational commercial park that will be set up exclusively  in the environmental sector or applying environmentally friendly methods which at the same time - and this characterizes its novelty - serves as extended public exhibition grounds for environmental sciences and technology.
It is  established in any natural habitat that does not disturb or affect biodiversity or the community of that area.
 The concept of eco park is of recent origin and to make it more popular, Suresh Chawla has designed a unique concept that is fresh and inspiring and completely entertaining.
An Eco Park provides its people 

  1. A family-friendly place for people of all ages
  2. A concrete free place
  3. A place for all to learn about animals, nature, environment, energy efficiency and more
  4. A demonstration of the value that our community places on conservation, wise use of natural resources and environmental awareness.
  5. A positive economic impact from visitors.
  6. A positive statement about our future —an investment in our community’s quality of life.

The concept of this eco park  is an extension of carefully crafted eco-landscaping and energy efficient rides.
Not content with providing usual features, Suresh Chawla has designed a unique theme based amusement park which is completely in tune with ecology and environment and is free from permanent structures and yet it promises to be a completely fun filled amusement park. It is an amusement park with specially designed new concept based rides and more. It will add greenery to the already green surroundings.
This Ecological Amusement Park has been designed to provide naturopathy centre, landscaped Botanical gardens, water sports, river rafting and a new concept in amusement park, shall also have rooms for stay, adhering to green concept.
The   Entrance Gate will also merge with surroundings and also enhance the beauty of    natural surroundings.

Following activities are proposed for the Eco Park depending on the area, location and funds :

  1. An  unique, first of its kind, amusement park with equipment merging with  nature
  2. Indoor Games/ Educational Gadgets, Boating, Water Equipment/Water Sports, Ice Sports, Snow Sports, Underwater Sports,
  3. Dream cinema, Mall ( Commercial complex/ Multiplexes),Entertainment Activities
  4. Eco-friendly Cottages of temporary structures in natural look with required facilities & amenities.

Also available would be following facilities:    

  1. Food Court, Open Air Banquet options with the required infrastructure & amenities, Convention center/Conference.
  2. Swimming Pool, Health Club with yoga, jogging track, gym, Spa, Ayurvedic care and treatment
  3. Outdoor & Indoor Games
  4. Water Falls, Ice slides, River rafting
  5. Open air/ Outdoor  Theatre, general entertainment centers etc for Dance and Musical shows.
  6. Wild Life Safari/ Zoo,
  7. Club, rooms for guests
  8. Handicrafts/artisan center providing live demonstrations
  9. Musical fountains and laser shows, Light and sound shows
  10. Souvenir shops
  11. Sprawling Lawns & Gardens, Landscaping with Water Bodies

This concept has been presented and appreciated by Tirupati Urban Development Authority and  a land of 75 acres has been awarded for this.



Religion, entertainment, past - present and future is a theme on  which  the concept of spiritual world has been developed . Its an attempt to provide glimpse of God-the Generator Operator and Destroyer at one place. Past along with display of present and future technologies is the main attraction. Specific episodes of Mahabharata can be depicted and involved.
It would be a kind of techno-Interactive Religion Centre.
It has the potential to attract minimum of 30 000 visitors per day.


Though there are 3D theatres, there is no cinema which can provide  surroundings to viewers in virtual form by giving the feel of being transported to real like situations. A new cinema  been developed with a new kind of projection and theatre to provide exhilarating  views to visitors. (Patent under process)
This cinema is a visual treat to enjoy being  in a particular situation such as being in desert, fire or ice. It is an experience  in itself.

Suresh Chawla’s   philosophy of inventions is based on understanding of  the   problems being faced by today’s  world  which is the direct result of mind less development   perused by a few without  caring  for the ill effects on environment and stake  of majority in the same space of this  planet.
Suresh chawla has dedicated his life to invent new technologies, techniques and processes, which shall improve the way we live. It is his contribution to the make Planet Earth green and prosperous.
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