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Traveling Roads/Elevated Transits System Super Fast Construction Technology/ New Malls New Wind Mills/Sea Generators New Amusement Parks & Entertainment Concepts Floating Bridges/Ports/Cities Sunlight in The Night/space Elevator Breaking of Input Out Theory
Traveling roads/Elevated Transits System
Super fast construction Technology/ New Malls
New wind mills/Sea Generators
New Amusement Parks & Entertainment concepts
Floating Bridges/ports/cities
Sunlight in the night/space elevator
Breaking of input out theory
Suresh Chawla Suresh Chawla
12 Technologies Capable to Change Global-Economic & Climatic Fortunes
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The race for becoming the most advanced and most developed state in the world, has led man to destruct the natural resources in our stock and our biosphere.

Today, most of the underground and above the ground resources are on the verge of finish, resulting in abrupt climate, natural disaster and more. Now, man is facing two very extreme dangerous conditions - 'Global Warming' & 'Greenhouse Effects', both of which will lead to the total destruction of the Planet Earth.

It is now high time, we should (the entire Human Community) start our bit of job to save our Earth from complete destruction. It is now every man's duty to do as much possible to save our Planet Earth.

Everyone is a stakeholder in the process and we clearly need to avoid our past shortcomings and negative impact on our mother earth.

Suresh Chawla’s   philosophy of inventions is based on understanding of  the   problems being faced by today’s  world  which is the direct result of mind less development   perused by a few without  caring  for the ill effects on environment and stake  of majority in the same space of this  planet.
Suresh chawla has dedicated his life to invent new technologies, techniques and processes, which shall improve the way we live. It is his contribution to the make Planet Earth green and prosperous.
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