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  1. New  wind mills
  2. Sea Generators

 New Wind Mill (Patent Granted)
Have you ever heard of generation of 50 or 100 MW of power being generated by any single Wind Mill any where in the world? No.  Maximum of 5 MW of power can be generated at present by biggest wind mill. Normal wind mills generate 0.5Mw of power in each Wind Mills and work for 4 months in a year.
The new technology of Mr. Chawla will revolutionize the sector once the new technology is made public. Now it will be possible to generate 30 -100 MW of power from new kinds of wind mills invented by Mr Chawla. The wind mills will not work for only four months but can be shifted to other locations as well where ever wind is available.



It is astonishing that even after so much of innovation in wind technology, the traditional FAN TYPE wind mills with little changes here and there are the only kind of wind generators continuing to dominate the scene of wind energy and still the harvesting of wind to its full potential is a far cry.
It is only the profile of Rotors which is being changed, where as the basic kind of wind mills or fan type wind mills in general are the only kind of mills in operation since so many decades.   
We have gone through the whole history of wind mills right from the start of wind mills in prehistoric periods when Persian wind mils were innovated in 600 AD
A very brief history which in general describes the entire events of innovations over a period of last 1500 years is enlisted here under:

A History of Windmills

Windmills have been around for a very long time. The first windmills were used to grind grain and then to pump water. Today they are also used to make electricity. These windmills are called wind turbines. The first windmills were invented in Persia around 600 A.D. to grind grain. Built like a merry-go-round with the blades standing up around a vertical shaft, they looked very much like a water wheel turned on end. The problem was that without the wind hitting only one side of the windmill, it would not spin. To direct the wind to only one side, walls were built around the windmill with a slot-shaped opening on one side. The Chinese discovered that if you set the blades at an angle to the shaft, the mill would spin continually without the walls around it.

By the 1100s, windmills had spread throughout Europe. About this time, it was discovered that windmills had more power when the sails or blades turned on a horizontal shaft, like the great Dutch windmills that used four blades and could pump large amounts of water. Over time, windmills began to be built bigger and became more ornate. In fact, some even became homes for the millers who owned and worked in them.

During the 1970s, shortages of oil for generating electricity led to interest and research in wind power. By the early 1980s, advances in technology had made it possible for wind turbines to produce large amounts of electricity. Some states, like New York and California, installed thousands of the new wind turbines, which are still in use. Windmills are perhaps one of the future answers to generating electricity. 






To begin with some astonishing facts need to be brought to your notice which are likely to change the entire scenario of energy in the world in un-believable short time frame.

  • A very small Rotor of wind generator of 16 m Radius exposed to wind produces : 1/2 MW of power
  • If we are able to expose our rotor to just 1 Km x1 km  in single wings or in multiple wings to  wind, we can generate:  1500 MW
  • If we can now provide  exposure our rotors to just 10km x10km we can produce energy to the tune of:  1,50,000 MW
  • A small wind farm extends to 30 km x30 km which can produce 1,50,00,000 MW

These are not just statistics but a reality which can be achieved in very short time frame by the entire mankind if new wind mills developed by us are put into action which is:


Based on the statistics, a New Kind of Wind Mill has been developed which can expose huge surfaces in breadth, length and height to wind which is exactly what is required to generate higher energy. The New Kind of Wind Mill has following advantages and benefits described in brief here under:


  1. Very simple
  2. Easily to erect
  3. Simple to dismantle
  4. Can be shifted easily to other wind farm where wind is available in rotations like May to September in one wind farm  and from  Nov to March in other wind farm.
  5. Can generate more energy as compared to present Wind Mills which can work in only one wind farm where ever erected once for all. Where as new Wind Mills can work continuously in different wind farms by shifting in rotations.
  6. Entire New Kind of Wind Mill can be un-folded  on high wind speeds / storms not possible in present wind mills.
  7. New Wind Mill  can expose huge surfaces to wind, in length, breadth  as well as in height, not possible by present technology of Fan type  wind mill which can generate maximum of 5 MW of energy
  8. New Wind Mill can be set up in continuous rows with each row covering entire breadth of the wind farm and subsequent rows of higher height as compared to previous row, where as present Wind Mills need huge space in all direction between two Wind Mills.
  9. Small wind mill of ours having exposure of 30m x30 m can generate 63 MW of power

This innovation can harness environmental friendly energy which is being wasted. It can also benefit by way of carbon credit as well.
As you are aware, oil prices are increasing  and there are limited oil resources in the world, there is an urgent need to find new sources of energy.


  1. The product consists of huge folding structures which can be easily manufactured, erected, dismantled and folded in case of high winds and storms. The structures can be as high as 1 km and as long as 1 km and more and can generate enormous energy not even thought of at present
  2. The structures are stable in all kinds of weather conditions and can with stand all kinds of stresses  in all probabilities.
  3. The product  can be described as mobile Generators of energy which can be shifted to any location which has history of being wind farm
  4. The product can also be described as big brother of present blades of existing wind mills which have limitation in height and energy generation capacity. Rest of the systems except automatic systems required in present wind mills is same and can be attached to new blades through extended shafts as  in present wind mills.


The Patent Authorities, after conducting world wide search have accepted our technology for grant of patent.
Features which adds value to our product and its superiority to existing wind mills & differentiating factors of the idea / concept / company from the other players / competitors

  1. If seen practically there is no wind mill at present, as present wind mills are erected on single high towers or columns of steel with normal height of 100ft or say 30 meters.
  2. The tower has 7 tonnes of blades weight in front and 7 tonnes of weight of generator at the back on single shaft at 100 ft height.
  3. It is impossible to take care of any problem at that height for any human being to go up to repair or take care of any kind of problem and come down easily from there to go up again and again.
  4. To tackle this mammoth problem of present wind mills, all automatic controls are required with sensors to sort out the frequent occurring problems at that height and still there are frequent break downs in wind mills every now and then and the generation of energy from wind which has its own time table in specified months alone in a year at a particular wind farm suffers very badly.
  5. The wind changes its course every now and then and the present fan type wind mill can not immediately adjust to the change and shuts down till sensors identify the change in direction of wind.
  6. The present wind mills require very big foundations to erect the towers in addition to automatic control devices.
  7. All these problems are taken care of in new wind mills.
  8. No foundations are required for New Wind Mill as only floor of the size of wind mill is required for easy maneuverability.
  9. No automatic controls are required as every thing is ground based and every thing can be controlled from ground only.
  10. There is no limitation in sizes as huge blades can be exposed to utilize all available wind energy as available in any wind farm up to height which is possible humanly.
  11. The other feature which are far  superior to present wind mills are concerning the utilization of wind energy available in any wind farm with respect to utilization of total wind  energy available in entire length, breadth, and height up to which the blades can be exposed.
  12. The present wind mills require 3 times the distance of the height of each wind mill in all directions for wind mills to function effectively, where as in our case we can erect all blades neck to neck in total breadth of wind farm with each subsequent row at more height than previous row to utilize all the wind energy available in any wind farm subject to the limitations of engineering capabilities available at present with respect to the height up to which we can extract energy.        




A  new kind of SEA ENERGY GENERATOR has been created, the patent for  which has already been granted to me  and  amendment patent has been filed, trials already conducted by me. The SEA ENERGY GENERATOR  will generate far more power than the present systems  generating power from sea. Sea raiser recently invented can operate in minimum of 30 ft of water where as this invention can generate energy from zero feet of Seawater or at the beaches it self.  The new SEA ENERGY GENERATOR  will revolutionize energy generation and can  meet the present and future energy needs of this planet.

Suresh Chawla
Suresh Chawla’s   philosophy of inventions is based on understanding of  the   problems being faced by today’s  world  which is the direct result of mind less development   perused by a few without  caring  for the ill effects on environment and stake  of majority in the same space of this  planet.
Suresh chawla has dedicated his life to invent new technologies, techniques and processes, which shall improve the way we live. It is his contribution to the make Planet Earth green and prosperous.
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