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Traveling Roads/Elevated Transits System Super Fast Construction Technology/ New Malls New Wind Mills/Sea Generators New Amusement Parks & Entertainment Concepts Floating Bridges/Ports/Cities Sunlight in The Night/space Elevator Breaking of Input Out Theory
Traveling roads/Elevated Transits System
Super fast construction Technology/ New Malls
New wind mills/Sea Generators
New Amusement Parks & Entertainment concepts
Floating Bridges/ports/cities
Sunlight in the night/space elevator
Breaking of input out theory
Suresh Chawla Suresh Chawla
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a. Traveling roads
b. Elevated Transits System


A. Traveling roads  

Traveling Road
Road Transport  is and shall always remain the customer-preferred option for the mobility of people and transport of goods due to its convenience, efficiency and reliability. Not only is it unique in offering door-to-door solutions, but it is  ideal to link fixed line connections seamlessly.

Future demands on  road transport
In the next two decades, each country will face the major challenge of accommodating future
road traffic demand in an effective, safe and environmentally sustainable way.

Demand will increase and further, as a result of the increased economic activity and social mobility, which, without appropriate attention, will bring accelerated deterioration of roads and bridges. Global advancement  will require a better harmonization of the road infrastructure between cities, and the development of a coherent, self-explaining road networks.

Further extension of the road infrastructure would accentuate environmental concerns over land fragmentation and reduction of tranquil areas and space available for nature protection and biodiversity.

To make best use of the existing road network, new and innovative design, construction and maintenance concepts and processes are need to be  developed. These will lead to new solutions for structural bottlenecks. Today the existing road infrastructure is not used in an optimal way.

Enabling Technologies/ Processes & Market Leadership through Coordinated R&D

Considering the economic importance of the road transport sector and the challenges it is
facing, it is clear that coordinated R&D is needed.  It is very important today  that the needs of road transport are included.

A coordinated R&D program needs to be based on a systems approach. The path
forward depends on optimization of the relationships between fuel and vehicles,
infrastructure and vehicles, vehicles to other modes of transport, and land use and
transport planning. Only a systems approach supported by inter-disciplinary research can
achieve of high level targets.

Road Transport and Economy
The desire for personal mobility and the freedom of movement that road transport offers
are fundamental to the any lifestyle and democratic tradition.

In addition, economic competitiveness and growth depends critically on an efficient and flexible
freight transport system.

However, as capacity limits are reached and concerns about the sustainability of road transport grow, new solutions are required, which in turn demand that effective investment in R&D be made today.

Not only does road transport support overall economic growth, the sector is itself an important part of the economy.

The manufacture of motor vehicles, parts and  accessories, complementary services, and the infrastructure industry provide jobs for several people across world.

Road transport will continue to play a crucial role in the any economy. To be most effective, road transport must be seen as part of an overall transport system, with effective links to other modes.

An internationally competitive, efficient, and cost effective transport system is essential in an expanding economy, and continued investment in intermodal links and capacity between road, rail, water and air is critical.

With congestion already a problem in many cities and main transport corridors in the several cities, even moderate growth predictions represent tremendous challenges, and innovative solutions are needed if we wish to avoid gridlock.

Safety & Security

For effective road transport, another issue that is most important is the safety factor.

Safety is a major issue of societal concern, and despite large achievements over the last
decades, ambitious goals for improving the safety of all road users are required.

Over the last three decades a variety of measures, including vehicle and road
technologies, have led to a reduction in road accidents, while at the same time the amount of road traffic has increased many fold.
Nevertheless currently nearly every day road users are killed and  are injured on
 roads every year resulting  in suffering and loss of life.

 Safety features in modern vehicles are effective in mitigating the effects of accidents.

While the development of new vehicle and infrastructure, technology will continue to
increase safety levels, this in itself is not enough. An integrated approach is needed
covering the road users, the vehicle and the infrastructure to utilize the full potential of
improvements in road safety for all road users. The design, interface and linking of these
elements of road transport are particularly important to develop integrated safety systems
that are affordable and useable and consequently result in a maximized real world benefit.

Clearly a consolidated effort of all stakeholders is required for the future to significantly
improve road transport safety.

Based upon this approach a road transport system can be achieved that leads to a
minimization of road accidents.

In order to maintain the convenience and competitiveness of the  road transport
system it is essential to keep up and further improve the high standards of security for
both, the human beings and  the vehicles and goods that are on the roads.

Environment, Energy & Resources

Environmental issues remain a major driver for change in vehicle and fuel technology.
Significant advances have been made in controlling emissions that impact air quality,
Though several measures have been taken to reduce carbon emissions A new approach is needed, based on traffic and land-use planning as well as technical measures for both vehicles and infrastructure.

Traveling Road
( patent received - amendment  under process)
This is a completely new invention not applicable anywhere.
Its an  approach to provide  safe, clean, convenient, efficient and affordable road transport for preserving environment, energy & resources.

It is a technology which will make India a global leader in road transport sector. Existing vehicles will run on electricity at a much less cost.
The system can be set up in very economical cost and it will cost much less to transport in comparison to vehicles running on fossil fuels. The electricity can be provided to the system in same way as it is provided for the Railways or Metro.
This system is most suitable for  all existing traffic on high ways and on main roads of cities and towns.
This system shall improve understanding and management of traffic flows along with  dynamic traffic management strategies such as lane allocation, traffic merging and speed control

New concept such as this shall offer the promise of longer life and reduced maintenance of roads.

It will also help reducing road wear/damage from heavy vehicles which is always a challenge.

The system will provide following significant benefits

  • Remove pollution by reducing vehicles using fossil  fuels on road
  • Save fossil fuel reserves
  • Transport men and material at most economical cost
  • Remove congestion from roads and high ways
  • Streamline transport sector
  • Revive demand for cars and commercial vehicles for the sector in recession
  • Reduce widths of roads by streamlining the transport
  • Remove role of drivers causing accidents
  • Increase GDP of the countries through another source of growth world wide


A small track is all it needs to demonstrate this system.
Any initiator, be it Government Agency or private investor, who will take lead in investing in this revolutionary technology, will make history in terms of providing ultra modern transport system to this world.
This system will also provide huge foreign exchange.
We can provide details of the system to interested investors

Suresh Chawla’s   philosophy of inventions is based on understanding of  the   problems being faced by today’s  world  which is the direct result of mind less development   perused by a few without  caring  for the ill effects on environment and stake  of majority in the same space of this  planet.
Suresh chawla has dedicated his life to invent new technologies, techniques and processes, which shall improve the way we live. It is his contribution to the make Planet Earth green and prosperous.
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